San Diego, CA, August 24, 2020
West One Logistics

Hygen-X Develops Leading Edge Sanitizer in Response to Hundreds of FDA Recalls

Amid 140 Brands Recalled by FDA, A San Diego Company Introduces Line of Safe, Effective Medical-Grade Hand Sanitizers and Surface Disinfectants
West One Logistics today announced the availability of HYGEN-X™, brand of hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants. What’s so unique is a revolutionary value chain authentication platform now being vetted with Hygen-x™. The company is a registered class II medical device & OTC drug manufacturer with expertise in building bio-extraction and bottling facilities. Bottling and packaging capacity is now approaching 12 million bottles per month, and is being fulfilled nearby at Riviera Beverages in Garden Grove. “As people start to go back to their offices and kids begin school, we want to make sure that everyone can stay safe and keep their families healthy,” says West One Logistics CEO Brian Hess. “Unfortunately, a number of popular sanitizer brands have been recalled over the last few weeks because the product failed to meet FDA safety standards. It’s time to end the madness. Our mission is to leverage TruTrace™, to validate Hygen-x™ Brand, mixing and batching premium ingredients for (B2B & B2G) buyers to see our value chain using a smartphone device, before making the first inquiry.” As the pandemic spread in March and April, West One Logistics pivoted its entire business model to focus on making sanitizers and disinfectants. This focus on fighting COVID led to a 90-day fundamental shift from designing systems for hemp extraction to manufacturing tanks that can produce 100,000 gallons of high quality sanitizers & disinfectants per day. Hess says that, “the disruption of this pandemic is currently redefining human capital management for perhaps the first time in about three hundred years. If you look at all of the dynamics in play, we are literally retooling for the so-called ‘new normal.’ Our objective is to eliminate contaminants, harmful ingredients, or lack of facility certifications and prove our value. This is where TruTrace™ technology plays a key role in assuring that purity and quality are maintained at every step, from sourcing to manufacturing to distribution.” About West One Logistics West One Logistics, LLC is a privately held company with origins in the Industrial Hemp Extraction space with focus on the nano-emulsification process. This is where we were introduced to TruTrace™ technology. At the time, we had no idea this technology would have such a sweeping role in public safety. West One Logistics’ primary vision is to continue supporting green initiatives by way of tooling equipment to manufacture zero-carbon products using Industrial Hemp biomass.

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